After Mass Prayer Ministry

IN NEED OF PRAYER?  (March 26 & 27  –  After all Masses)

Our Lady of Good Hope will begin our After Mass Prayer Ministry which exists to pray with anyone wishing for prayer after the weekend Masses in the Cry Room.  Our church should be the first place that we can come to be prayed “with”, for any need that we have.  This ministry does not take the place of the parish prayer line, as that is such an important way to receive prayer anytime of the week.  However, there is something so comforting about actually hearing the words being prayed over you and to be able to share your burden with someone willing to listen.  We are to be Christ to one another!!  Anyone wishing to be prayed with can come to the Gather Space sitting area by the glass windows after Mass and someone will be there to welcome you.  If you have any questions about this ministry, you can contact Jackie at or call the church office at 260-485-9615 ext 104.


Mar 26 2022


9:30 am