Third World Schoppe – following all Masses

Be a missionary without leaving home.  Visit the Third World display in the gym this weekend following all Masses.  Hand carved olivewood from Bethlehem, jewelry to benefit mothers of youth violence in Guatemala, or traditional musical instruments from rural artisans in Indonesia are among over 75 groups benefiting families here in America and from 35 countries around the world.


What does a birch-bark picture frame have to do with a dJembe drum from Ghana, Africa?  Both are handcrafts by low income artisans and sold by the volunteer-run Third World Shoppe, who are with us today with a display of unique gifts which provide income for needy families.


Have you wondered where that morning cup of coffee was grown?  Join us this weekend in the gym after all Masses to learn more about the 10,000 mile journey that coffee bean takes from one of twenty tropical countries (like Ethiopia, Nicaragua or Peru).  Because of fair trade, that peasant farmer in Esteli, Nicaragua or Yirgecheffe, Ethiopia, who worked tirelessly for months to nurture, nourish, pick, and process, is able to earn enough to not only provide food and shelter for his or her family, but also enough to send children to school and receive help.


Mar 03 2024