Today’s Catholic Writing Challenge – Submission Deadline: November 12, 2021

The Advent season is near, and I have a challenge for you!  My name is Samantha Rohloff, and I am a freelance writer for Today’s Catholic.  I am asking for your help in sending me your wise words.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

Ernest Hemingway is credited with writing an entire story in just six words.  His famous narrative reads: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  While this is an incredibly sad story, it also presents us with a potential challenge.  Can we, as Catholics preparing for the Advent season, create a story in just six words that expresses this approaching season?  I need you to answer the following statement with a story that is exactly six words long:

“Advent brings the start of something new and something holy into our lives. What will this Advent season bring for you?”

Submissions will be published in a Today’s Catholic article. In an email addressed to, please send me your six-word story, your first and last name, age, and the name of the parish you attend. Please put “Six-Word Story” in the subject line of the email. No anonymous submissions, please.

Submission Deadline: November 12, 2021  Get creative and happy writing!


Oct 10 - 30 2021


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