All adults (Age 16+) are welcome to form 2 person teams that meet once a month to play euchre with 3 other teams. Points are accumulated through the season and totaled to determine the winning team. Play occurs from October through April, with a Christmas Party in lieu of a formal game in December.

Our Lady’s Euchre Club will KICK OFF their new season on Saturday night September 18th from 7-9pm in the church basement.  The club meets once a month October through April (with a group party in December!) in multiple team member’s homes.  Teams of 2 AND individuals are welcome to join.  Dues are $2.50/person or $5.00/team.  Join the Euchre Club or just play this one night for fun!  We’d love to see you Saturday night September 18th for Our Lady’s Euchre Club KICK OFF!!  If interested, contact Suzanne Esther at 402-1641